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InvadR features
Lap bar
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  • Capital Coasters

    Airtimes First Drop Intensity Too short

    This is a really fun family gci that almost feels like a thrill coaster. It gives some shockingly strong airtime on each hill and some great lats and a pretty intense ending helix. It has some nice wooden coaster roughness to give it some more character and is just really solid.

  • Nathan Newcomer

    It has it's moments, but overall it's a pretty boring ride. "Tell them that, 'Even my wife who hates roller coasters was bored.'"

  • Unworthy Rider
    Unworthy Rider 26 days ago

    First Drop Rattle Theming

    The first drop is great, but the rest is pretty forgettable. Also, the theming lost me. The ride is in the Canada portion of the park, right? Are we invading Canada? Why is the R capitalized in InvadR? Is there a DR that invaded Canada? Did the Dominican Republic invade Canada??

  • Jordan Pelaez
    Jordan Pelaez 27 days ago


    A great smaller scale GCI with wooden charm and good forces

  • Carter Eckhart
    Carter Eckhart 1 month ago

    Theming Pace Fun Too short Intensity

    This ride feels like a sample of what GCI has to offer. Its a little short and its a family coaster so the forces aren’t as strong as most of the larger GCI’s, but InvadR still has the blueprint and elements that are unique to GCI. The ride still has some fun airtime pops and turns too, plus the pacing is quite good and gets better throughout the ride. The viking theming is also cool and kinda funny at some points. Overall it’s nothing crazy but it’s definitely an above average family coaster and does what it sets out to do.

  • Julian R.
    Julian R. 2 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Nice surprise! Too short

    InvadR is a very good GCI. It gets hate which it doesn’t deserve. It’s just too short. That’s it. It has a lot of airtime hills, the first drop is nice, and it’s an airtime machine that’s a great fit for the park. If you love airtime, I suggest go to Williamsburg, go to Busch Gardens, ride InvadR, then see what you think. It’ll be a nice surprise for you. InvadR is one of my favorites at Williamsburg.

  • Jimbob Coasters
    Jimbob Coasters 2 months ago

    Airtimes Lap Bar Pace

    Great airtime in the back runs fast and is my favorite wooden coaster in Virginia.

  • Inverted Thrills
    Inverted Thrills 4 months ago

    Airtimes Pace Fun Lap Bar

    This is a very good family coaster. It feels very much like a normal GCI but smaller. Solid airtime and is a smooth ride unlike what most people say

  • Solar Winds
    Solar Winds 4 months ago

    Airtimes Nice surprise! Fun

    InvadR is a solid GCI, and despite being labeled as a family coaster, it still provides great laterals and airtime. The first drop in the tunnel is great and the pacing is very strong. It provides the feel of a wooden coaster but it is still fairly smooth. A great fun ride that surprised me a lot.

  • Trim Brakes 2006
    Trim Brakes 2006 10 months ago

    Airtimes Location Pace Too short Lap Bar

    This is a very underrated ride. This ride has many moments of strong floater airtime, along with some surprisingly strong laterals. This is put into an aggressive, excellently paced layout that has awsome terrain interaction. It can be very hard to get room on the lap bars, and the ride is pretty short, but it's well worth the wait.

  • Jack Jack J.
    Jack Jack J. 11 months ago

    Airtimes Theming Intensity

    One of my favorite family coasters out there. Good laterals and small pops of airtime. The theming is awesome. The millennium flyer trains are great as usual. I love the use of tunnels throughout the ride as well. They fit a lot of good solid elements into such a small coaster.

  • Markos P.
    Markos P. 1 year ago

    Airtimes Comfort Pace Too short

    InvadR is a very fun ride with adequate theming. First drop is good for a family coaster, airtime hills give a variety of moderate flojector. Final helix is a really good way to end the ride. It is just too short though.

  • 手取Fishland
    手取Fishland 1 year ago

    Theming Too short Airtimes


  • Coaster Key
    Coaster Key 2 years ago

    Nice surprise! Pace Fun Too short

    Great little ride! Pacing and GCI transistions are amazing! I'm sa sucker for back to back transitions and rapid pacing! And this family coaster delivers! I love this coaster! And it's certainly underrated!

  • Eric Esty
    Eric Esty 2 years ago

    Airtimes Location Pace

    Invadr is personally one of my favorite GCIs, at least for now. It's smooth, well paced, and fun. The airtime hills do actually give decent floater. The first drop is great, and there's an excellent tunnel. Plus, it's a terrain coaster that interacts with their log flume Le Scoot. And it has a great final helix with decent laterals. And for me, a good helix elevates any coaster from good to great. Plus, the theming is well done. This is an excellent addition at BGW that makes the collection even more well rounded.

  • IronChef C.
    IronChef C. 2 years ago

    Pace Fun Too short

    Back row! You will be pleasantly surprised with the air and speed in the back whereas the front felt pretty tame overall. Bonkerz laterals and a fun layout but it's over very quickly and can get some long lines compared to others in the park.

  • Nathan F
    Nathan F 2 years ago

    Pace Fun Smoothness Too short

    InvadR is a high-intensity family coaster, or a low-intensity thrill coaster. Busch Gardens clearly intended for it to be the former. It doesn't have a lot of airtime, but it doesn't have a lot of height. There are some great laterals, and it feels fast. InvadR is mostly just fun.

  • Rags Aki
    Rags Aki 2 years ago



  • Doyle Rudolph
    Doyle Rudolph 3 years ago

    Location Fun Layout

    For what it is - a family woodie for a park in need of family coasters - it's pretty fun, packs some interesting forces, and interacts very well with the flume and the terrain. Is it tame? Sure, it's no Mystic Timbers. But it's a good ride that serves its purpose well.

  • Kw6sTheater
    Kw6sTheater 3 years ago

    Airtimes Theming Pace Too short Disappointing!

    InvadR is a pretty good family coaster, but not much more. I was told from the getgo (and by the coaster’s announcement) that this was a disappointing ride in practically every seat. That was true, however, there are two decent moments of airtime along InvadR’s creatively interwoven layout; the first drop and the airtime hill just before the helix finale. The theming is pretty to look at, as it evokes a hand-carved Dollywood style feel — so is the entirety of New France — and the log flume, terrain and train track interactions add another level of excitement.

  • Zachary Strader
    Zachary Strader 4 years ago

    First Drop Nice surprise! Pace Too short

    InvadR receives a lot of hate that I don't think it deserves. Given the size and target audience of the attraction, I honestly think InvadR is ideal for Busch Gardens Williamsburg. It has a surprising great first drop (in the back row) followed by a short but relentless course packed with everything you would want from a tiny GCI twister woodie. Would I like it to be longer? Sure, but what is there is really quite good in my opinion.

  • Philippe-Minh N.
    Philippe-Minh N. 4 years ago

    Nice surprise! Fun Too short

    Fun little GCI woodie with a couple of good airtime and nice interaction with the terrain.

  • Axel Terenos74
    Axel Terenos74 2 days ago

    Comfort Pace Too short Airtimes

  • Will Booth
    Will Booth 4 days ago
  • Julien Grimbert
  • Phil The Thrill
  • Toby Palmer
    Toby Palmer 6 days ago
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    Adrien Desmoru 7 days ago
  • Zach Gibson
    Zach Gibson 9 days ago

    Pace Fun Too short

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    Alexandre H. 11 days ago
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    Maxime Alix 12 days ago
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    Andrew Knorr 12 days ago
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    Coach Rolo 16 days ago
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    Mike Smith 18 days ago
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    Sir Meow Meow 23 days ago
  • Josh R.
    Josh R. 23 days ago

    Lap Bar Comfort Too short Disappointing! Layout

  • Grace T.
    Grace T. 25 days ago
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    Ty Paylez 27 days ago
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    c ji 30 days ago
  • Legends of Flarrow Clips

    Airtimes First Drop Pace Too short

  • Hunter M.
    Hunter M. 1 month ago
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    Duncan G. 1 month ago
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    Gabriel G. 1 month ago
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    First Drop 1 month ago
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  • Alexandre CF
    Alexandre CF 10 months ago

    Pace Fun Too short

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    Coaster Credits 10 months ago
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    smaench 10 months ago
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    Jason King 11 months ago
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    Daksh Gahlot 11 months ago
  • SortaKindaQuasi
    SortaKindaQuasi 11 months ago

    Pace Smoothness Too short

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    Taylor Carmines 11 months ago
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    Andrew E. 1 year ago

    Airtimes Pace Fun Too short

  • Heartline Coaster
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    Rik Steetsel 1 year ago
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    Benjamin R. 4 years ago

    Fun Capacity Disappointing! Dead spots

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    Florian Blond 4 years ago
  • Dan Hood
    Dan Hood 4 years ago

    Fun Smoothness Disappointing! Dead spots

  • Olivier P.
    Olivier P. 5 years ago