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  • Zachary McCullough

    Pace Ejectors Duration

    What is there not to love about this ride? The whole layout is littered with great ejector airtime, amazing inversions, and an all-around great layout. The ride never lets up; it spends its entire long ride time throwing you out of your seat without losing any of the pacing. I especially love the second half after the mid-course brakes (which are either off or hardly noticeable to keep that pacing alive), where you spend a large amount of your time inside the wooden structure, which is an amazing feeling as you hardly know what is going on, whether you are upside down or not. A must-ride for everyone!

  • yres yres
    yres yres 19 days ago

    Disappointing! Discomfort Pointless

    the most bad thing i saw

  • Isaiah M.
    Isaiah M. 1 month ago

    Airtimes First Drop Fun

    This is a W ride. I just wish dudes would stop bringing in their vapes because that slows down the line. They also always make me take off my glasses. But some guy working there liked my riddler shirt so that even-ed it out.

  • Evosioa
    Evosioa 1 month ago

    Masterpiece Smoothness Ejectors

    Easily my #1. Steel Vengeance is the best coaster on the planet, it has an amazing first drop, which gives strong floater in the front of the train and good ejector in the back. I was lucky enough to ride this 4 times over the course of two days. After the drop, you have a strong ejector speed hill for all of the train. Next you rise into the amazing top hat, which gives a mix of lateral Gs and ejector for the entire train. After the top hat, you move to possibly the best element on any coaster, the outer bank. Steel Vengeance's outer banked hill is the strongest sustained ejector i have ever experienced, after this, you drop down, into a small step up, which gives anywhere from ejector in the back, to very strong floater in the front. Next step up, you enter a fast paced zero g roll, which is followed by a turnaround and wave turn under the lift hill. You enter a small hill which is followed by a very quick zero g stall, which provides great whip, and an odd sensation as you feel both the airtime from the hill, and some hangtime from the stall. Hence, you enter a step down followed by an airtime hill, both of which give ejector or strong floater airtime throughout both hills. After this you enter a quick turn and a step up into the MCBR. You breathe. After the Mid-Course, you turn and drop off, which provides strong floater. Following this, you enter a short head chopper turn. This is soon followed by a double up, which gives good ejector airtime as I recall. From there on, you enter an outer banked turn, which is much weaker than the first. After this, you enter a head chopper which includes an overbanked turn and zero g roll. Next, you enter two bunny hills. Following the bunny hills, you enter a head chopper with a wave turn, zero g roll, overbanked turn, and the the first hill of a section of trick-track. Outside of the head chopper, the trick track continues with two more hills. There is a speed hill which enters the support structure, which is quickly followed by a step up into the brakes. In conclusion, Steel Vengeance is the best roller coaster in the world, featuring an amazing mix of ejector airtime, floater airtime, inversions, smoothness, and overall enjoyability.

  • G D
    G D 1 month ago

    Airtimes Pace Intensity Lap Bar

    Ridiculous. Out of this world. Revolutionary. Ferocious. Hard to even call it the same thing as the standard coasters in most parks, like the next evolutionary step in roller coasters. Nighttime rides in slight rain on a summer night was the #1 coaster experience of life. Particularly when Cedar Point has another top 25 in the world coaster just a few minutes' walk away. Hard to imagine topping it anytime soon. Only negatives would be harness/shin guards and ops stapling. Lightening Rod and Gwazi had much more lax ops.

  • LolUrDad !
    LolUrDad ! 2 months ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Duration

    Where can I even begin with this ride. Truly a masterpiece from start to finish. Before you even start going up you get a teeny bit of floater. And after that it’s all ejector. I still say that the top hat and outerbank are the two best back-to-back elements on the planet. All the inversions are insane. And the airtime. So much, it’s almost too hard to take. I love the first half for how sustained it is, but the second half for how disorienting it is diving through the structure, and wow that finale. I can’t find a single negative thing to say about this ride. It’s truly perfect.

  • Elliot Lambert
    Elliot Lambert 2 months ago

    Airtimes Smoothness Duration

    This is definable one of the best coasters in the world. The one ride I’ve gotten, I believe it was running a bit slow. It is so smooth and ejector packed, a real masterpiece of a coaster.

  • Forester F.
    Forester F. 3 months ago

    Airtimes Intensity Duration Disappointing! Lap Bar

    OK. I'm just going to say it. I think this coaster is quite overrated. However, that doesn't mean I don't like it. I think it is because I'm not as much for airtime on ride, and prefer when the ride is fun and not just endless airtime hills. This is also why I think B&M hypers are also a bit overrated. But I could get why people really like this ride. It's an airtime machine, and a lot of people enjoy just endless airtime hills. I just don't completely understand why people think this is the #1 coaster. It starts to get repetitive real quick. Also, this thing hurts my hips, and they would get bruises if I tried to ride this multiple times. And the lines... their so long. But don't let this review change YOUR opinion. Feel free to like this ride! This is just me getting my opinion out there, and this ride is still in my top 15 after all.

  • Lucius Venditti
    Lucius Venditti 3 months ago

    Airtimes Inversions Duration Capacity

    Truly the ultimate coaster, after hearing hours of how amazing coaster this was I expected to be let down but, somehow it was better then said by miles. It wowed me from the second I left the station from the first airtime and the ejector from the drop and all of the amazing whippy inversions. Easily the best coaster i have ridden

  • SlimJim KillsCringe (SlimJimKillsCringe)

    Airtimes Ejectors Duration

    What can I say about this ride that hasn't already been said? This ride is not overhyped, it is absolutely insane!

  • Mik Gov
    Mik Gov 3 months ago

    Airtimes Intensity Duration

    This is one of the best coasters I’ve ever ridden! The zero g rolls were smooth, and this ride has amazing duration and don’t get me started on the airtime. Seriously I could fly to space with this airtime if I didn’t have a lap bar. I also love the aspect of the ride going through the supports. This is also a must-do for night rides

  • Gavin Cole
    Gavin Cole 4 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Ejectors Discomfort

    it was amazing

  • Jimbob Coasters
    Jimbob Coasters 4 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Ejectors Intensity

    This ride is perfect beside the fact that it has very little intensity and not a lot of great whip still the best ride in the world and it just does not end.

  • Zach R.
    Zach R. 5 months ago

    Airtimes Fun Duration

    This coaster is amazing. It’s my number one overall. Powerful ejectors, good laterals, and a butter smooth ride experience. Steel Vengeance is just so amazing!

  • Karst
    Karst 5 months ago

    Masterpiece Ejectors Duration Reliability

    What the fk was that, honestly. This coaster is so mad, should be illegal. Sadly similar to Untamed the reliability is pretty bad and it broke down three times while i was there (one because of weather). I can definitely see why people call Untamed the little brother of thisone. Also yes, miles better than Zadra.

  • Zak Dugan
    Zak Dugan 5 months ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Layout

    The back car of Steel Vengeance is IMO the best experience I've ever had on a roller coaster. The 2nd half of the ride through the structure is so exhilaratingly chaotic and when you are in the back car, you especially aren't able to see anything coming so all the elements are a surprise. I've done 4 rides on SteVe. 1 in front row and 1 in back. Every ride is amazing, but the back row really is a tier of its own. If I had to spend one day only riding one coaster, it would be Steel Vengeance.

  • A Useless Guy
    A Useless Guy 5 months ago

    Airtimes Ejectors Duration Capacity Discomfort Lap Bar

    This ride is amazing for airtime lovers but the Line is always super long and you have to go through metal detectors which is extremally annoying then the seats are cramp feel bad for anyone that gets paired with a random person.

  • Keegan M.
    Keegan M. 5 months ago

    Intensity Layout Ejectors

    Best RMC I've been on, very intense elements and layout, super smooth, airtime and ejector moments are all over the place and nonstop, riding this in front made for some nice headchopper moments, and those off axis turns are insanity, what a masterpiece of a ride

  • Capital Coasters
    Capital Coasters 6 months ago

    Airtimes Inversions Layout

    Last week I got to reride this for the first time since 2018 and oh boy, what a ride. This has to be the most complete coaster I’ve ridden with it’s incredible mix of airtime, inversions, great laterals and even some decent positives. This has the most airtime of any coaster and it’s easy to see why, it has so many different kinds of it also with sustained ejector, quick ejector pops and some crazy sideways and off axis moments. Every moment of airtime on this coaster feels different and I love that, every moment is so strong and it never ends. The drop is spectacular and lasts forever just like the amazing top hat and outer bank which feel illegal, the double up into the mcbr and drop off the mcbr are rly great, the wave turn and off axis hill into the structure give amazing sideways airtime, the inversions aren’t as whippy as I remembered but still super disorienting with the constant headchoppers and there’s a bunch of really weird and fun lateral moments. The finale is also just heaven and the restraints really allow you to feel the airtime, I honestly don’t get the complaints about those rmc lap bars. Just the best coaster I’ve ridden for everything I just explained.

  • Sean Kaufman
    Sean Kaufman 6 months ago

    Airtimes Intensity Ejectors

    I was in the back of steel vengeance in the last row. This coaster is a masterpiece. It’s extremely intense. It does not feel as smooth as it did in 2018 but it’s still really smooth. I almost greyed out on one of the later drops.

  • Ace Cadle
    Ace Cadle 6 months ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Smoothness

    Literally a Masterpiece. So much airtime, floater and ejector. The first few airtime hills would pull me out of my seat and I love how you don’t know where you are going. You also have a nice view of Lake Erie if you look to your left while going up the hill. Restraints are very comfy and secure. Definitely an under rated ride, my favorite so far.

  • Unworthy Rider
    Unworthy Rider 6 months ago

    Fun Masterpiece Layout

    Ol’ Blackjack had one last trick up his sleeve after his deal with that thievin, moonshine runner Maverick. Based loosely on the Cedar Creek Mine ride, this masterpiece perfectly blends Chess’ remarkable equestrian skills with Blackjack’s mean streak to create the best wagon ride that this fella ever experienced. I reckon that that this ride alone is worth the trip to the Cedar frontier, pardners. Now don’t get too comfortable and think about getting a quick re-ride. Digger will keep you holed up in the queue for what feels like a fortnight as this ride may go down for maintenance several times while you wait. But don’t fret, it will give you ample time to read all the signage and think about the best way to write a dumb review.

  • Daksh Gahlot
    Daksh Gahlot 6 months ago

    Airtimes Ejectors Duration

    brilliant! The top 3 parts are: The Finale, The lead into the MCBR, and then is everything else cause no element on this masterpiece deserve to not be in the top 3.This coaster manages to give you 80 seconds of thrill (and ejection) packed fun

  • Natalie K.
    Natalie K. 6 months ago

    Masterpiece Ejectors Duration

    It really is as amazing as they say!!!

  • Alek Gottlieb
    Alek Gottlieb 6 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Masterpiece Theming

    What can I say; I have no words from all of the glorious airtime.

  • Nathan F
    Nathan F 6 months ago

    Airtimes Inversions Masterpiece

    This is the best coaster I've ever ridden. This ride delivers exceptional airtime constantly. The inversions are wild, especially that stall thing it does shortly before the mid course brake run. The pacing is relentless. As the ride naturally slows down, the elements shrink to keep the pacing up to par. This is hands down my number one favorite coaster and I can't recommend it highly enough.

  • Rags Aki
    Rags Aki 7 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Inversions Disappointing!


  • Phantom Coasters
    Phantom Coasters 7 months ago

    Airtimes Inversions Duration Harness Discomfort Layout

    This ride is absolutely fantastic. So much airtime and fun, however with that comes a pretty repetitive layout. Despite that, the ride is far from boring and never fails to amaze me. The biggest con is the classic, awful RMC restraints that dig into my shins and thighs the whole time and staple no matter what.

  • Keaton Knippel
    Keaton Knippel 7 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Ejectors

    There's nothing I can say about this ride that hasn't been said already. The presentation is on point, the first drop is perfect, the ride is LONG and doesn't let up, and it's an airtime machine.

  • Tom Fairnie
    Tom Fairnie 7 months ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Ejectors

    A huge and massive rollercoaster which utilizes every second in it to keep you entertained. It starts with large sweeping spectacularly floater style airtime and huge inversions and then ends by winding through it's structure and uses every second there trying to eject you from your seat. It's considered one if not the best coaster in the world and it fully deserves that title

  • J S.
    J S. 7 months ago

    This coaster will never be topped

  • Dino Film Productions


    Better than gwazi

  • Brandon Fox
    Brandon Fox 8 months ago

    Airtimes Inversions Masterpiece

    Just when you think the ride is coming to an end, you get a second run which holds up to the first half. Inversions you can't see coming and layout of the track make for some fantastic moments. ?

  • X Coasters Forever

    Airtimes Masterpiece Intensity

    On my Ohio trip, I was able to get a total of 6 rides with about 3 rides being in the back row, 2 rides in Row 11, and 1 ride in Row 10. Let me say this now, Steel Vengeance is a wild airtime machine! Every hill delivers super strong ejector airtime, the inversions are really snappy and so much fun, the drop is insane, and the pacing is great! This thing is also mental especially at night because it absolutely hauls and just takes the experience to a whole new level! In the morning, however, it runs a bit slow but it warms up later in the day. During all of my 4 visits to Cedar Point on my Ohio trip, I got 3-afternoon rides, 2-night rides, and one 1-morning ride. The trims weren’t hitting that hard on any of my 6 rides, which is good because the train starts to pick up speed again on the drop-off the mid-course and doesn’t slow down until it hits the final brakes. My favorite part of the ride is probably the outward-banked hill, because of how sustained the airtime is. I also really like the first drop because you just get yanked over that drop and the finale with a set of bunny hills delivering violent ejector airtime. I really like that twisted snake dive as well, because it’s such a unique inversion and it gives some great hangtime and insane whip entering and exiting the inversion. That element is my favorite inversion on the ride and one of my favorite inversions on a coaster. No matter the time of day, Steel Vengeance will always have great pacing. This thing is a true masterpiece with its cool layout, an insane drop, powerful ejector airtime on every hill, snappy inversions, and a great finale! Overall, Steel Vengeance is a world-class roller coaster and it’s by far the best I’ve ever ridden!

  • Lola Ann
    Lola Ann 9 months ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Duration

    Too good to describe

  • Coaster Nut
    Coaster Nut 9 months ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Layout

    Wow. Out of more than 200 coasters I've ridden, this stands out as the clear number one. No other coaster comes close to the intensity and fun of this ride. Every time I've ridden it, people are cheering and applauding at the end. I always find myself laughing and exhausted. The combination of elements is truly inspired. It has everything I want in a coaster - speed, height, intense Gs, airtime, variety, and unique elements that have you wondering what's next. RMC outdid themselves on this one.

  • Jeremy C.
    Jeremy C. 10 months ago

    Airtimes Ejectors Duration

    A truly perfect coaster. It has everything I could possibly want: An impossibly long run time, ejector air in every possible moment, and incredibly fun throughout.

  • Ben Hatto
    Ben Hatto 11 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Masterpiece Lap Bar

    I love love love this ride, but the lap bar is kind of uncomfortable on your shins

  • Martin Doyle
    Martin Doyle 1 year ago

    Airtimes Layout Duration

    Well well well. What can I say about Steel Vengeance?? Well without beating about the bush, this is the greatest coaster I have ever ridden in my life. Absolutely EVERYTHING I could love about a coaster is featured on this ride. A great first drop, astounding airtime and loads of it, four fun inversions, head choppers, a long ride from drop to the breaks, beautiful pacing, variety of sensations and a lovely setting beside the lake. This coaster just takes it all and blends it into a beautiful mix. I can not for the life of me fault Steel Vengeance AS A LAYOUT. Even the midcourse takes nothing away from the coaster especially considering the strong airtime pop you get heading into it and the airtime you get on the drop coming off it if the break doesnt hit hard. I am also glad to hear the ride has had its loose articles policy sorted out with the free lockers near the station. I say this because on my last visit, they was using the pouch on train policy which slowed its operations and therefore its throughput right down to the point of it being pointless to run it on three trains. So yes, nothing else to say apart from it truely is the undisputed best coaster out there.

  • Jordan Pelaez
    Jordan Pelaez 1 year ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Duration

    Currently my number 1 (real original, I know). I didn't appreciate this one the first ride through. I was ready mentally I guess. But during my brother and I's second or third ride, during the final break run we literally both looked at each other, tears of happiness in our eyes, and simultaneously said "that's the best coaster on earth."

  • Controversial Coasters

    Airtimes Ejectors Duration

    Easily the best coaster I’ve ridden. I will never understand why people hate on this ride. Just because it’s “not cool anymore” to like Steve, doesn’t mean it’s not a good ride.

  • Adam Tortorello

    Airtimes Intensity Duration

    Hard to top. Long and super intense with tons of airtime. I enjoyed how the ride is split into two halves. The first half is filled with swooping dives and pure speed. The second half utilizes in-line twists within its own structure, causing you to question whether you're upside down or rightside up. It is truly difficult to discern which direction you're facing at times.

  • Jimmy Boyadjis
    Jimmy Boyadjis 1 year ago

    Airtimes Ejectors Duration Capacity Harness Discomfort

    Really find this ride overrated. This ride doesn't do anything unique to any other RMC. I find the ride to be too long and the last few hills are just so uncomfortable. I was expecting this to be a top coaster, but I didn't get that at all. The capacity on this thing is also atrocious for a coaster running three trains.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 1 year ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Ejectors

    This ride is flawless. Everyone hates on SteVe and tries to find arguments for rides that could potentially knock it off, because it is nearly perfect. The first drop is insane, but feels somewhat short as it hits a 90 degree angle. At the bottom on the three previous rides I got, it was absolutely flying. The outerbanked first hill gave me more airtime than any element I've ever been on, save for L-Rod's quad down. The pacing of this ride is superb, from the large floater elements at the beginning to the short, choppy ejector moments of airtime at the end. Getting off a ride speechless is an event that's only happened twice in my life and this was one of those two times. This is the epitome of RMC's designing prowess. Airtime, inversions, an amazing drop, and an out of control ride that feels like it never ends. I cannot imagine a kinetic experience being much better than this. A solid #1, and nothing I've been on could even come close.

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 1 year ago

    Airtimes Ejectors Discomfort

    Great ride but the lap bar kills it for me. 8.7/10

  • Brian Sheldon
    Brian Sheldon 1 year ago

    Pace Masterpiece Intensity

    Well, what to say about was super anticipated and super hyped. It had huge expectations to live up to. Plus, when I was there the line was about as long as I will tolerate standing in. Was it worth the wait and did it live up to the expectations..? In a word, absolutely. Many people are calling this the best coaster on the planet right now, and I have zero reason to argue with that. This thing is crazy intense from beginning to end. It never lets up. It seems to go on forever twisting in and out and through the huge wooden forest of supports. Even if this were just the first drop and one circle around the layout it would be on many top tens, but with the length and the intensity throughout, it is a masterpiece of coaster execution. Of course it is liquid smooth. Throw in crazy speed, tons of air, dozens of near misses, disorientation of being within the structure, several inversions that all really work here, and you have fantastic recipe for a wonderful coaster. Truly a world class thrill machine. One of the absolute very best.

  • UC2 Studios
    UC2 Studios 1 year ago

    Airtimes Ejectors Duration

    Amazing ride insane airtime and it keeps going forever

  • Trim Brakes 2006

    Airtimes Fun Duration

    This is easily my number 1. All though it's been 3 years since I've been to CP, I still very much remember how breathless I was after every ride on this. While the ride is definitely focused on airtime, the ride also has things like, hangtime, laterals, transitions, headchoppers, and crazy pacing to compliment the airtime. There's so much variety among the airtime, however, that it never gets repetitive. It's hard to describe just why exactly this coaster is my favorite. It just seemed to be the perfect mix of fun, and relentless craziness.

  • NorCal C.
    NorCal C. 1 year ago

    Airtimes First Drop Fun Disappointing!

    The airtimes are ok, they all feel the same, although granted I rode towards the front. Inversions were forgettable. Drop is best element. Looking forward to eventually coming back to Cedar Point to get a back row ride.

  • TheClassicRemake Man

    Masterpiece Ejectors Duration

    The most perfect ride I’ve ridden so far. I really have no complaints. I don’t think I need to say much because so much has already been said.

  • Jack Jack J.
    Jack Jack J. 1 year ago

    Airtimes Intensity Duration

    Definitely one of the best coasters ever built. The first drop is very good, the first camelback is great sustained air, and the outerbank in the front row is insane. The second inversion is one of the highlights of the ride for me as it whips you hard. The second half is awesome weaving back and forth through the structure. The last zero-g roll is awesome as it continues rolling after. The final 6 bunny hills in a row bruise your thighs. I was able to get 10 rides in one day and it grew on me every single ride. I will still take Twisted Colossus over it but other then that this is my favorite RMC.

  • Coaster Demon
    Coaster Demon 1 year ago

    Airtimes Ejectors Duration

    This ride is a absolute masterpiece. It has strong ejector airtime on every single hill. The inversions are whippy and snappy and the ride is extremely aggressive and very smooth. Overall this is a perfect roller coaster and my number 1 coaster I've ridden

  • Carter Eckhart
    Carter Eckhart 1 year ago

    First Drop Ejectors Duration

    I wish I could put ejectors for all 3 pros. This ride is just never ending airtime and all of it is ejector. I man what hasn’t been said about this coaster that hasn’t been said by thousands of others. It’s a never ending ride with all different types of ejector moments and some fun inversions and turns. The first drop is one of the best, the outer bank is amazing sustained and and strong off axis ejector and the best part of the ride is the finale with all the rapid fire strong ejector pops. There’s actually a lot of really underrated ejector moments on the ride just because of how many there is, and the ride never gets repetitive, I mean what’s wrong with almost 30 seconds of ejector airtime. The airtime isn’t the absolute strongest but a lot of the moments are pretty strong especially when warmed up and trimless. The pacing isn’t amazing but it does take each element at a pretty rapid pace and there’s no dead spots. Overall I prefer some of the intamin rides that try to kill you and have more variety but SteVe is still too 3 for me and one of the best coasters ever made.

  • Coaster Great
    Coaster Great 1 year ago

    Best. Ride. Ever.

  • Ty Paylez
    Ty Paylez 1 year ago

    Airtimes Capacity Comfort

    I didn’t know so much speed, airtime, intensity could be wrapped up into such a smooth ride. It’s like there are zero compromises when it came to this thing. Shin restrictions didn’t bother me and I’m tall so I don’t understand the hate there outside of enthusiasts just live to complain.

    BLITZN00DLE 1 year ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Ejectors

    there's nothing to say about this masterpiece that hasn't been said already, yes it is the best coaster ever built and yes it lives up to the hype

  • Inverted Thrills

    Airtimes Layout Ejectors

    This is the greatest coaster I've ridden. From start to finish this ride is non stop insane sharp ejector airtime in various forms. Plus throw in some great pacing, a great setting, and some great inversions and you truly have a perfect ride. If you're like me and love ejector airtime more than anything else on the planet you will love this masterpiece

  • Dominick Cobb
    Dominick Cobb 1 year ago

    Masterpiece Ejectors Duration

    Its a great ride and i am really lucky too live only 10 minutes away from such a mind blowing roller coaster! It's not my all time favorite but definitley the greatest roller coaster in North America

  • Coaster Person
    Coaster Person 1 year ago

    Pace Masterpiece Layout Harness Disappointing! Discomfort

    This thing is very overrated, but it's still an incredible ride. Definitely my #1. They were trimming it while I was there, but even that couldn't kill that incredible second half. My favorite part of the ride was that weird outerbanked dive into the structure. My least favorite part was the jarring transition out of the last inversion, that hurt, especially with RMC's awful trains. I expected a lot more, and those restraints suck. This ride could be a lot better than it currently is with Gerstlauer trains and better transitions, but hey, this ride is still amazing.

  • Solar Winds
    Solar Winds 1 year ago

    First Drop Inversions Intensity

    The best coaster I've ever ridden. Hands down. I rode this in the back and the airtime was unlike anything I've ever experienced. There isn't a single dull moment. The drop is spectacular and it's like the third best part of the ride. If you go to Cedar Point and miss riding this, you're doing something wrong. RMC captured lightning in a bottle.

  • Ben Redshire
    Ben Redshire 1 year ago

    Everybody knows what Steel Vengeance has to offer so I won't really go over the ride which is amazing. However, it is a little overrated and isn't even the best ride in the park, let alone the world. While there was a ton of airtime, those airtime moments honestly weren't as strong as I expected them to be. Overall tho, it's still pretty amazing

  • Nat Morales
    Nat Morales 1 year ago

    Absolutely amazing! I like maverick more tho.

  • Andy Manor
    Andy Manor 1 year ago

    Airtimes First Drop Fun

    There is a reason why this is my number 1. It’s a masterpiece, and it will be hard to top.

  • Sean Matrai
    Sean Matrai 1 year ago

    Intensity Layout Ejectors

    Steel Vengeance is a masterpiece from start to finish the layout is phenomenal with giving you tons of ejector along with really snappy transitions. The barrel rolls during the 2nd half both are well paced through and intense the first half has amazing banked airtime hills definitely the best coaster in the world

  • Peter Page
    Peter Page 1 year ago

    Airtimes Theming

    Great Ride that makes me need to sit and breath after it's done. I just need to process what the hell just happened.

  • Nate Kunnen
    Nate Kunnen 2 years ago

    Ejectors Hangtime Duration

    The POV's got me excited, but they can't do it justice. This is the only time I couldn't keep up with the elements and I got tossed around like a rag doll grinning like a school girl. About half way done I yelled "It's still going?" for the exact opposite reasons as I did for Main Streak. I'll never forget it. Now, this is probably the best roller coaster in the world... but I don't think it's by a longshot. If you're on the west coast, Twisted Colossus is 9/10 there. East Coast, El Toro is a different kind of intensity. In Asia, Hakugei is close. Fury 325 is difficult to compare, but it's ALMOST there too. All I'm trying to say is I would rather save a $1000 plane ticket and ride one of these 4 world class coasters 50 more times instead.

  • Rik Steetsel
    Rik Steetsel 2 years ago

    Airtimes First Drop Smoothness

    I did this ride on a megatrip in the USA last year, and this was off course one of my bucket list coasters. And finally i'm here to ride it and it was awesome. I waited 3 times 1 and a alf hour to get in but its worth it. The Airtime is amazing also the hangtime and the first drop but the best part for me was the third hill what was only airtime you don't feel your seat the whole hill. I love this ride and now i want to know how Zadra rides. Is it the same or better or worse. This one is my number 2 of my top coasters.

  • Daniel Hertzman
    Daniel Hertzman 2 years ago

    Airtimes Pace Masterpiece

    Perfect ride , not much more needed to be said

  • IronChef C.
    IronChef C. 2 years ago

    We all know its good. If you like RMC, this is like their greatest hits ride. It has some of everything they're known for. It warms up as the day goes on, it is best in the back, the wave turn is the highlight for me, the way it weaves through the structure is amazing, and the operations are outstanding. If there's a downside, its those RMC restraints which can ruin some rides for folks. I think I've mostly figured them out, but they aren't the most comfortable. It sits as my #1 but its really close. Fury 325 at night gave me the most fun I've ever had on a coaster, but SteVe is easily the best coaster. Its tricky. I had tons of fun on SteVe but on Fury, those clamshells are so freeing and give the beat rides. So close between them. And if I'm really trying to find a con, theres some themeing to it that could have been better executed. The story and names are cool, but the voice overs and cartoon characters are a bit lame.

  • Adrenaline Central

    Airtimes Layout Duration Theming

    This ride is incredible. Crazy airtime, stellar first drop, great layout, and long duration. I was expecting more themeing, but that doesn’t matter too much

  • Mr. Roller Coasters

    Airtimes Masterpiece Duration

    It's my second favorite coaster I've ridden... It is an absolute masterpiece. You NEED to get out to Cedar Point to ride it!

  • Josh Lutz
    Josh Lutz 2 years ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Ejectors

    Cuz it's my favorite ride I've ever been on.

  • Slovis Cellery
    Slovis Cellery 2 years ago

    Airtimes Layout Duration Disappointing! Airtimes Lap Bar

    Great Ride, Tonnes of Airtime, not all ejector, as some of the moments are quite weak, but some great inversions and ejector moments, Very Overrated In my opinion, and was a lot better in 2018, but this year definitely not number 1 on earth.

  • Mark L.
    Mark L. 2 years ago

    Pace Masterpiece Ejectors

    There's too much to say about this other than, RMC deserves all my cookies and cash for CP. Just...inversions, airtime, smoothness, about a foretaste of heaven. 2 years solid as my #1.

  • yeet meat
    yeet meat 2 years ago

    Airtimes Fun Ejectors Disappointing! Dead spots

    It has alot of air some strong some not. Alot of the elements were weaker than others

  • Operation Theme Park

    Airtimes Masterpiece Duration Discomfort

    Height: 10 Drop: 9.5 Duration: 10 Inversions: 10 Airtime: 10 Midcourse: 1182.69 Restraints: 5 Smoothness: 10 Theming: 1 Overall: 10

  • Coaster Hour
    Coaster Hour 2 years ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Duration

    Steel Vengeance is my favorite coaster I’ve ever ridden and one of the best ever built.

  • Alex Overton
    Alex Overton 2 years ago

    Masterpiece Ejectors Duration

    Literally one of the best rides on earth. The airtime is constant and the ride feels like it never ends. I have nothing bad to say about this ride. Believe the hype.

  • Eric Esty
    Eric Esty 2 years ago

    Airtimes Pace Intensity

    I don't think this ride is perfect. It feels way too long to me, and in terms of forces, there's not much besides repetitive, relentless airtime. However, it achieves this in a variety of different ways, at least in the first half. Step up and step down airtime hills, rising and falling inversions, and two giant parabolic sustained airtime moments (one being outerbanked) definitely make the first half the highlight to me. However, the second half feels very repetitive and unimaginative. If all you want is raw airtime then this is your dream coaster. But for me, I'll stick to terrain monsters like Iron Rattler. Nonetheless, Steve is still and excellent coaster and is stupidly fun from start to finish in a way that will make you cackle and clap your hands.

  • Element 115
    Element 115 2 years ago

    Airtimes Layout Ejectors Reliability

    I literally still struggle to believe that this coaster can legally exist, and am sceptical that anything will ever surpass it for me, an untrimmed night ride on this coaster legitimately changed my life and ive yet to experience anything close to this on another ride.

  • Luca Boucher
    Luca Boucher 3 years ago

    Airtimes Fun Layout Inversions

    While this coaster doesn’t have the strongest ejector, most of the hills deliver ejector and there’s just so much of it. Some of the highlights of this ride include the first two massive hills, both providing some of the best sustained ejector, especially the outward banked turn. I also loved the drop off the MCBR which had strong ejector and the wave turn which provided a brief but strong moment of sideways ejector. I’d say there are no boring points on this ride, and most elements give ejector. I’d say this ride is noticeably worse when trimmed, luckily two of my three rides were trimless. So I’d say objectively this ride is almost flawless, however it doesn’t really cater to my tastes, despite that it is so fun and I was blown away by every ride I had on Steel Vengeance.

  • 手取Fishland
    手取Fishland 3 years ago

    Inversions Fun Capacity Disappointing! Airtimes

    一言で表すなら「シーダーポイントらしい」コースター。 要するに、他のパークで評価が定まったモデルをボリュームアップ(たいてい1.5倍程度)した「決定版」を後出しジャンケン的にドーンとぶつけてくる、っていう何時ものヤリ口。 ただし、それらは規模で劣る従来機に評価で劣ったり、より大型の後継機にあっさり取って代わられる運命にあったことを忘れてはならない。

  • Kaspersetz Slide Studios

    Airtimes Inversions Ejectors Capacity Harness

    Rode it 3 times in 2018, the airtime and inversions are just pure fun. Nothing super intense about SteVe, but we can all agree that there's not much that can top it. I'm not going to waste time to explain why the layout is worth waiting hours for, because you all already know why. Will reride anytime

  • Monsoon
    Monsoon 3 years ago

    Theming Smoothness Layout Inversions Disappointing!

    Overrated is the best way to describe it. I've been on 2 better RMC coasters than this, but it was very fun. Inversions weren't as intense as I thought they would be. Kept a nice fast pace of speed which I liked a lot but it didn't do anything different to impress me

  • Michael McDermott

    Inversions Smoothness Ejectors Disappointing! Intensity

    This ride is overrated but it’s still my number 2. Great coaster brought down by not being too intense and over hyping.

  • mokume disney
    mokume disney 3 years ago

    Airtimes First Drop Fun


  • AndiFlag
    AndiFlag 3 years ago

    Masterpiece Ejectors Duration Capacity

    By far my favorite Ride! Because of it's crazy long Duration, airtime, inversions ... This rides packs in everything

  • Na N.
    Na N. 3 years ago

    Airtimes Layout Ejectors

    My favorite coaster so far. First zero-g roll is easily the best moment on this ride. The only problem with it is that it is so good that it had a 2 hour fast lane wait 30 minutes in to opening. Doesn't lack in anything. you want it? Steel Vengeance has it all!!!!

  • Evangelion Martini

    Airtimes Masterpiece Ejectors

    I went on this ride expecting a perfect masterpiece, and my expectations were exceeded. The amount of airtime on this ride is beyond comprehension; that, combined with the incredible drop, insane layout, and butter smooth inversions make something that almost feels like a religious experience that'll take a bit for you to fully digest once you hit that final brake run.

  • Dave Scott
    Dave Scott 3 years ago

    Masterpiece Capacity Harness

    Demented genius, this ride is. Utterly uncompromising, smooth yet violent, relentless speed and intensity to leave even the most dedicated coaster fan wondering what the hell just happened. You will come back battered, bruised, out of breath, probably on an adrenaline high. It is almost impossible to not whoop and holler as it goes round. I am reminded of the craziness of J2 at Clementon Lake; merged with Magnum's brutality, the intensity of Nemesis and a whole bunch of other original material rolled into one monster of a package. The ONLY downside is it is very hard work to do multiple rides. This ride does plain hurt; and would desperately benefit from a deeper restraint system to spread out the huge amount of force piled onto your thighs for the whole duration. I hear Untamed at Walibi Holland has further refined the RMC train design so there may be adaptations to bring back to SV to help. I cannot imagine we are riding SV in it's finished form at this time; and I am absolutely sure there will be modifications over the coming years. Possibly for the better. Even so, come and experience it while it is what it is; you will not regret it one jot. The ride is not free of problems, 3-train stacking in the station is way too common. Throw more staff at it; add Yukon's bag-bin conveyor - do whatever you have to to get the thing up to speed. It would seriously be worth considering having two staff per four seats to deal with the legal issues imposed with handling carry-on item specific to this ride. All that said, would still get 6 stars on a scale of 1-5. Come ride it!

  • Doyle Rudolph
    Doyle Rudolph 3 years ago

    Pace Masterpiece Intensity

    The airtime is exquisite and the pacing is tighter than any other coaster I've ridden - the only chance to breathe is the MCBR - but the best part of the ride is the absolute intensity, with laterals and ejector all over the layout.

  • Raymond Jackson
    Raymond Jackson 3 years ago

    Airtimes Intensity Ejectors

    10 out of 10! I have been on some good RMC coasters and they are all rated pretty high by me, but WOW. I can take the 3 highest ones that I have been on so far and add them together to get this one. Need to say more, I got blessed to ride 5 times over 2 days, the best around, can't wait to see what Busch Gardens Tampa will have in 2020.

  • Eric Clash
    Eric Clash 4 years ago

    Airtimes Pace Smoothness

    This is my favorite coaster at the moment, and it has some great airtime moments, however not all the airtime was as good as El Toro's airtime. But the airtime was still very amazing. I did not get bruises because of it though so this ride is also very comfortable, and the restraints are comfortable. But part of me feels like that's some what a bad thing because I like a smooth coaster but I also like to get very aggressive jerky airtime, and the airtime didn't feel that jerky. But it's still my favorite and I could see why some people think it is overrated though. However my opinion might change when I ride I-305 and Fury 325 this summer. But this is definitely a great creation by Rocky Mountain Construction.

  • Coasterloverextream

    Airtimes First Drop Duration Harness

    This ride is the best ride ever created. I personally do not know how someone will make a ride better than this. The ride never lets up and the ride doesn't crawl into the finish like some RMCs. There is so much airtime that you are almost out of your seat the whole time. The only thing is that the restraints are a bit weird but other than that the ride is perfect.

  • Coaster Cupcake
    Coaster Cupcake 4 years ago

    Fun Airtimes

    There's hardly any forceful airtime. If you want strong airtime just ride any other RMC. The restraints are very uncomfortable.

  • Pidge L.
    Pidge L. 4 years ago

    Airtimes Pace Smoothness

    Honestly, I can't praise this ride enough. I got a trimless 1st ride of the day once and it was easily the best I've seen it running. Every element was great, and the ending was even better than I remember! Every single element on this ride is so great and airtime filled. Make sure you leave the lap bar where the ride ops put it, or else the ride won't be as good as you want it to be! However, after a front row ride, I can easily say that back is FAR better than the front.

  • Gavin Baez
    Gavin Baez 4 years ago

    Airtimes First Drop Intensity

    Steel Vengeance by far is my favorite ride at cedar point and the best roller coaster I’ve ever ridden. It has everything a coaster enthusiast could ask for. The best part is the airtime. I’ve never experienced longer airtime on any other coaster that I’ve ridden. The intensity is unbearable as well. This is the reason that they don’t allow you to bring on any extra items including phones onto this ride. Still, people go against this rule, and don’t realize the extreme intensity this coaster has. From my opinion, the drop is very steep and scary for a lot of people when they look at it. Also, this ride does not have any breaks halfway through, so don’t expect it to slow down any time sooner like Millennium Force. Steel vengeance barely has any cons besides it’s restraints. If you’re pretty tall, the leg restraints that hold your legs down because of inversions will hurt. So I suggest you sit in a comfortable position before the workers push the lap bar down for you because your not allowed to do it yourself.

  • Jake Williams
    Jake Williams 4 years ago

    Airtimes Fun Ejectors Discomfort

    Air. That is what this ride is. Air, air, and air. From RMC, that is expected. This ride does have flaws though, it's pacing isn't the best, and the airtime can border on uncomfortable at times. The midcourse brake run sucks too. But other than that, it's a world class ride. It's inversions are so much fun, the intensity is surprisingly high for an RMC, and THE AIRTIME. The first drop especially is fantastic. While other rides like Iron Rattler and Twisted Colossus may be more fun, this is without a doubt better. It also destroys rides like El Toro (Which imo is a bit overrated). Overall, if you're a big fan of RMC, this will be your favorite coaster.

  • Pear Bennett
    Pear Bennett 4 years ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Ejectors

    This is the best coaster I've ever ridden! It's just insane airtime from beginning to end with little to no break in pacing or intensity! It is so much fun and has a great location in the park. The airtime is very strong and in the first half it is very sustained as well. The inversions are all really fun and throw you around fast. I love everything about this ride!

  • Alan Trotter
    Alan Trotter 57 minutes ago
  • Pingvin 375
    Pingvin 375 4 days ago

    Airtimes First Drop Pace

  • Mike Armentrout
  • Trevor Folkers
    Trevor Folkers 9 days ago
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    Tim Smith 1 month ago
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    Dan Hughes-shaw 2 months ago

    Masterpiece Smoothness Layout

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    Hunter Seborowski 2 months ago
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    Inversions Pace Masterpiece

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  • Emily Cardillo I love you
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    Airtimes Fun Layout

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    Airtimes Masterpiece Duration

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    Airtimes Masterpiece Duration

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    Airtimes Smoothness Duration

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    Airtimes Intensity Duration

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    Airtimes Pace Duration Lap Bar

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    Airtimes Intensity Duration

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    Airtimes Masterpiece Intensity Theming

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    Airtimes Masterpiece Layout

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    Airtimes Masterpiece Ejectors

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    Masterpiece Layout Ejectors

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    Airtimes Inversions Intensity Capacity

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  • Power Onride // Travel Video

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    Location Masterpiece Smoothness Harness

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    Airtimes Fun Harness

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    Masterpiece Intensity Duration Reliability

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    Masterpiece Smoothness Ejectors Capacity

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    Airtimes First Drop Masterpiece Capacity

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    Airtimes Masterpiece Duration Capacity

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  • Evan Samaro
    Evan Samaro 4 years ago
  • Kyle B.
    Kyle B. 4 years ago

    Airtimes First Drop Layout

  • Benjamin R.
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    Pace Masterpiece Ejectors

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    Airtimes Masterpiece Ejectors

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    Airtimes Masterpiece Ejectors

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    Airtimes Pace Ejectors

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    Airtimes Comfort Fun

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    Airtimes First Drop Intensity Theming

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    Airtimes First Drop Masterpiece

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    Airtimes Masterpiece Ejectors

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    Airtimes Masterpiece Intensity Capacity

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    Airtimes Pace Layout

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    Airtimes Masterpiece Layout