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  • Leo Dunsmuir
    Leo Dunsmuir 1 day ago

    Inversions Pace Fun

    I won the first time and lost the second but I think it is always like that. It is amazing with the launch the second isn’t the best though.

  • Coaster Nut
    Coaster Nut 26 days ago

    Fun Layout Duration Capacity

    My favorite racer and favorite moderate-thrill coaster. (TC might be my favorite racer if it had actually dueled!) Anyway, the layout is great and allows for cool interactions between the trains. Four fun launches, creative inversions, nice airtimes. Highly re-rideable. Capacity is an issue, though. The park was empty on my two days there (triple-digit temps), so every ride was usually a walk-on -- except for WC Racers with an average 30-minute wait. SLOW loading times. Also, OTSRs are a bit cumbersome. Still, a fun, fun, fun ride!!

  • Ruoning L.
    Ruoning L. 1 month ago

    Fun Disappointing!

    Both times I rode this, I waited almost 2 hours for this ride. It was fun but overrated in my opinion. Also when i was in line, it closed for 15 minutes.

  • Jamie N.
    Jamie N. 2 months ago

    Inversions Launch Harness

    Pretty solid ride. The fact that it dueled every time, unlike a certain other coaster in the park, is really nice. The interactions are just really fun, and the sequencing is amazing. The launches were forces full, and all of the elements just popped. But, the comfort collars were not very comfortable at all, and dug into me the entire ride which made it hard to enjoy. But still an amazing, forceful layout.

  • Theresa Byrne
    Theresa Byrne 2 months ago

    I’m a pretty big coaster fan loved the movie Cars when I was a baby

  • Brendan K.
    Brendan K. 2 months ago

    Fun Ejectors Harness

    amazing ride but the harness really ruins it. I tried to keep my hands up for the majority of the ride, but I had to put them down to protect my ears from how much pain they were in.

  • Logan Oder
    Logan Oder 5 months ago

    Airtimes Theming Smoothness Harness

    I'm extremely glad Six Flags learned their mistake from Twisted Colossus and created a ride that consistently duels, which was a huge plus for me. The racing effect was amazing, the theming was good, and the layout was pretty fun, but it's a bit mediocre.

  • LolUrDad !
    LolUrDad ! 6 months ago

    Airtimes Fun Duration Harness Intensity

    This ride is underrated. The first half has some great airtime and hangtime while the second half just shows off its dueling. My favorite part is the high five. It throws you into it so hard and you get laterally ejected. I don’t like the restraints though

  • Vivaan Chopra
    Vivaan Chopra 6 months ago

    Inversions Launch Pace Theming Capacity Harness

    Literally only 12 can ride at a time, which creates gigantic wait times making this ride not worth it. The station literally is a paint and fabric, the worst themed station I’ve ever seen. Launch is good, inversions are excellent, duration is really good and the racing is more competitive than twisted colossus. However, harness was really uncomfortable and choked me at times. Not really worth the really high wait, but definitely ride once.

  • Natasha Evans
    Natasha Evans 7 months ago

    Fun Harness

    I waited 3 years to ride this thing, and when I finally did, it was... eh. Not the new gen Chiller I thought it would be. At least it's fun.

  • cres sidalia
    cres sidalia 8 months ago

    Airtimes Fun Layout Capacity Harness

    I had a blast on this ride. I love the dueling aspect, and it’s so cool how you get 2 rides in one. The launches are good and this ride has great airtime moments. But those comfort collars, man, those are the worst. And the capacity on this ride is horrendous. Oh well.

  • Josh Miller
    Josh Miller 10 months ago

    Fun Duration Harness

    Fun dueling coaster that makes perfect use of the limited space around it. Great lateral airtime right out of the first launch, and several enjoyable inversions. The premier ride harnesses/comfort collars are annoying, but they don’t detract too much from the ride.

  • Flurin S.
    Flurin S. 10 months ago

    Layout Harness Discomfort Lap Bar

    Would be a great ride with a working duel even, however, this is one case where a restraint can break a ride. This train model is already bad without the "comfort" collars. Getting in and out is even difficult for a slim person, if you do have long legs, which luckily I dont, the shin guards will be in the way and the view from non front rows sucks. On top of that comes this pointless and stupid neck distruction device that only serves two purposes: 1. make getting in and out even more difficult than it is already and 2. hurt your neck every time the train doesnt go perfectly straight or brakes.

  • Ryan Hanna
    Ryan Hanna 1 year ago

    Fun Smoothness Duration Capacity

    For the most part it is fun coaster. It is a two in one coaster, and offers two tracks that race(positive). The first track is pretty fun and more intense than the second track. Some airtime on the first track. The second track is lack luster and doesn’t have much intensity. Overall just a fun coaster that duals. Last downfall is that the coaster lacks capacity and the line is too long. Not worth riding for the line.

  • Eric Esty
    Eric Esty 1 year ago

    Inversions Launch Smoothness Harness

    Always duels, it has airtime, 4 inversions, forceful helixes, good theming, and you get to ride twice. This ride checks all of the boxes for an excellent ride.

  • Kellen Grady
    Kellen Grady 1 year ago

    Launch Fun Layout Theming

    1/14/22 - I was super impressed with this ride! I wasn't expecting it too be anything too special based on what I've read, but the dueling is truly great and it's just pure fun the whole way! I'm not someone who considers G's and airtime and all that stuff, just pure fun, so maybe that's why I rate it higher than most. Either way I can't wait to ride this one again and experience those great dueling elements again, as well as the hilariously terrible cameo by Ryan Friedlinghaus. 1/31/22 - with a bit of the novelty wearing off, and recently off the superior launches of Full Throttle, I'm knocking this one down a bit - still a great duel with some truly insane elements.

  • Randy93 -opp
    Randy93 -opp 1 year ago

    Airtimes Fun Duration Capacity

    The capacity can be a bit better but west coast racers is a good ride, I was actually surprised more by the white side, I feel like it’s a ride to transition onto the big ones

  • Ty Paylez
    Ty Paylez 1 year ago

    Fun Hangtime Harness

    - [x] West coast racers back row right seat. Had no clue you got to ride both tracks and was very pleasantly surprised by this. Train operators where pretty slow but luckily the line wasn’t bad. Very fun elements and my first time inverting over another running coaster train. Not a bad ride at all and is great for what it is. 4/5

  • John Montague
    John Montague 1 year ago


    It’s fine. My review is probably a little biased, because there was a long delay in the station right before I rode it, and nobody likes getting on a coaster feeling frustrated and impatient. I could see my rating improving after a better experience in the queue. As a launch coaster, it’s middle of the road, nowhere close to Maverick. Maybe it was just my seat location, but that last launch practically threw my back out. It would be better if it was a little faster overall and a little smoother at the end there. It lacked the intensity I was hoping for. Dueling trains always make for a fun sideshow, and this is no exception. Gemini is a better duel, though.

  • Jack Jack J.
    Jack Jack J. 1 year ago

    Launch Fun Layout Lap Bar

    I hate these restraints but other then that the ride is pretty good. The first launch(es) aren’t very forceful but are cool to have the other train racing along side you. The first interaction is cool and has some whip and airtime to both sides. The next launch has some more force but is shorter. The helix is a very forceful moment but it’s hard to see the other trains as they jockey back and forth for the lead and there is so many large supports. Then up into the brake run with some whip. It’s a good ride but not perfect. My two critiques are the restraints and how the trains can be hard to follow when your racing. On twisted Colossus the dueling is perfect when you get to duel, on this they kinda get drawn apart and are more difficult to see.

  • matthew p.
    matthew p. 3 years ago

    Capacity Fun Duration Harness

    This is just a fun ride. The high-five element give this feeling of lateral airtime that I haven't felt in this capacity before. It's such a blast to have friends on the other train and try to watch their reactions as you dart under and over them. The comfort collars don't hurt but they can definitely be uncomfortable when you invert.

  • Olivier Simard-Casanova

    Launch Fun Duration Harness

    West Coaster Racers is a nice thrill coaster. It is not too intense so it will definitely appeal to a lot of people, and the systematic dueling provides a lot of fun – yes, I'm looking at you Twisted Colossus. The inversions are also quite good, especially the first one with a nice hang time. I also enjoyed the high five element. The main drawback of WCR is the harnesses though: they are clumsy and make a bit hard to enter and exit the train. I guess it will decrease the capacity of the coaster, which could be a problem considering how popular it will probably be in the park. But it's overall a great experience and I wish more parks will add this sort of dueling coasters in the near future.

  • Sean
    Sean 3 years ago

    Inversions Fun Duration Rattle Capacity Harness

    This will carve out a nice role in the park as a step-up family inversion coaster but wow do the comfort collars hurt the ride experience. I know they want to increase capacity but they're sacrificing comfort in doing that. West Coast Racers is essentially a Greatest Hits compilation from other rides in the park with the issue being that the elements presented here are worse than those said rides. There's no airtime here, but the spaghetti bowl section does pull some g's and the inversions have some nice hangtime. Update: I've gotten a few more rides on this since the opening to the general public. I can't believe this coaster already has a rattle to it. A 25 year-old B&M invert is smoother than this ride. Reliability has also been an issue as this thing has been breaking down constantly each day. The inversions are fun and give good hangtime. The pitstop doesn't seem to take as long anymore which is good for capacity. But I can't find much else that is positive about this ride.

  • Nathan F
    Nathan F 3 years ago

    Theming Smoothness Duration Capacity Harness

    West Coast Racers is very fun and very long. Both sides could function as their own coaster. The pit stop is better than nothing, but unimpressive. This ride is not mind-blowing, but it is good. Comfort collars though, which don’t detract here like they do on other rides.

  • Evangelion Martini

    Fun Smoothness Duration Capacity Harness

    The ride is a cute, fun multilaunch dueling coaster that's got some intensity, but isn't too intense for the whole family. It's definitely worth the wait, but the capacity seems to be very low at the moment (300ish per hour as of the December 21st soft opening); Six Flags seems to be aware of this though, and have opted to go with the comfort collars, which suck, to speed up dispatch times. Whether capacity improves as the ride ops become more experienced with the ride remains to be seen, but it's likely.

  • Nathaniel Hawk
    Nathaniel Hawk 3 minutes ago
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  • Alan Dunsmuir
    Alan Dunsmuir 1 day ago

    Fun Smoothness Layout Dead spots Intensity

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    Timothée B. 24 days ago

    Inversions Launch Fun Capacity Discomfort

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    3X744 4 months ago

    Nice surprise! Fun Hangtime Harness

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    Alexandre CF 5 months ago

    Fun Duration Harness

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  • Emily Cardillo I love you

    Airtimes Fun Smoothness

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    Launch Layout Hangtime

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    Smoothness Duration Capacity Disappointing! Discomfort

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    Airtimes Fun Capacity

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    Fun Layout

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    Theming Pace Headbanging Launch Pointless

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    Launch Smoothness Discomfort Airtimes

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