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  • Panthrpants
    Panthrpants 28 days ago

    First Drop Intensity Discomfort

    I got a headache every time I've ridden it, but the 4D design of the train and the intense layout make it a pretty special thrill.

  • London M.
    London M. 1 month ago

    First Drop Fun Intensity

    This ride is the shit. 'Nuff said.

  • David Parrett
    David Parrett 1 month ago

    First Drop Duration Discomfort

    X2 actually blew me away, even with all the coasters I’ve ridden, this thing is the most intense of all coasters. It’s more intense than I305, more than El Toro or Kingda Ka. It’s just insane. Unlike a free spin coaster, I felt like my ground point of reference was taken away while the ride was intentionally showing me or not showing me the next drop. My problem with this is that it was so incredibly rough, I felt like a rag doll being beaten with a baseball bat. My legs were flailing all over and my head hurt so bad. I went back the next morning and got another ride and maybe it was running smoother in the morning because I felt no discomfort the 2nd time and it was just as intense.

  • Alex Overton
    Alex Overton 2 months ago

    First Drop Inversions Intensity Headbanging Dead spots

    This ride is absolutely insane. It's a rough ride but if you sit on an inner seat you should be fine.

  • Benjamin Andrews
    Benjamin Andrews 2 months ago

    First Drop Inversions Intensity Discomfort

    What an insane monster. The ride is so out of control it's insane. That initial drop is still one of the most terrifying elements of all time. Compared to its Japanese counterpart it's definitely weaker as it is pretty rough, slower, and the pacing isn't incredible. But it's still very unique to the country and one of the best roller coasters out there.

  • Austin L.
    Austin L. 2 months ago

    First Drop Intensity Discomfort

    I was not prepared for this. What a truly unique coaster. I still can’t even comprehend what happened on this ride. It is extremely janky at the end so you have to ride defensively.

  • Vivaan Chopra
    Vivaan Chopra 2 months ago

    First Drop Masterpiece Intensity

    If the first thing that happens after you come off a roller coaster is that you say “What the hell just happened?” and the second thing is “That was the best thing I’ve ever done,” it means it’s a damn good ride. I don’t have any words to describe what happens. The only ride I’ve been on that still scares me.

  • jeremyvincent7351
    jeremyvincent7351 3 months ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Headbanging

    if you like this you’re crazy if you don’t like this you’re crazy

  • Eric Esty
    Eric Esty 3 months ago

    Theming Headbanging Harness Discomfort

    I don't remember this ride being enjoyable. It banged my head and legs around, the transitions were jarring, and the sound wasn't working. But at least the flame effects and the station music was cool.

  • cres sidalia
    cres sidalia 3 months ago

    First Drop Fun Intensity Discomfort

    this is one of the coolest rides i have ever ridden. the chain lift is a unique experience as you go up backwards, providing a beautiful view of the park. after this you hit a predrop, then giant, 215 foot drop straight down. to make this more intense, the seats have you looking straight down, and as you return down to earth, you flip. i love this drop especially in the outside seat on the back row, as you get flung over this drop. after you flip back into a regular position, you go backwards up a raven turn. this element doesn’t provide much, but it’s still a very cool element. another standout element i love is before the raven turn, with the fire.

  • Martin Sanders
    Martin Sanders 4 months ago

    First Drop Fun Intensity Reliability

    My favorite coaster ever. The first half with the drop, raven turn, airtime/flip hill is what sets this coaster apart. It IS intense, but not as crazy as some make it out to be, I think the random B&M inverts are more disorienting and forceful. Be ready to hang on and ride this one defensively though, it isn't something you can just relax and enjoy, you gotta battle this one...especially on that final raven turn and the pull up into the break run. Otherwise, you have to ride this if you are at MM and it is running, you never know when you'll get another chance!

  • Niko Ramos
    Niko Ramos 4 months ago

    First Drop Masterpiece Intensity Rattle

    Holy cow! This ride is probably the most intense roller coaster I have ridden, that first drop feels like you are falling to your death, even though I know I will not fall out, one thing it does have a rattle on the final raven turn but I found most of the ride to be smooth.

  • Logan Rodriguez
    Logan Rodriguez 5 months ago

    First Drop Fun Intensity Rattle

    the seats rotating to reveal the first drop is the first time i've felt genuine fear on a roller coaster in ages

  • Evosioa
    Evosioa 5 months ago

    Layout Duration Rattle Discomfort Reliability

    Arrow 4D, it was a fun ride but on the first Raven I pulled a muscle in my back and was just generally a rough ride, and has reliability issues

  • Leo Dunsmuir
    Leo Dunsmuir 6 months ago

    First Drop Inversions Intensity

    Wow my number two coaster is amazing you sit on the side of the track the restraints fold in and go down which is fine and the seats spin 360 it is my number 2 coaster after velocicoaster

  • Sutton A.
    Sutton A. 6 months ago

    First Drop Fun Intensity Rattle Headbanging Harness

    This was an amazing, one of a kind experience, and for me, it sits at number 4. Even though this was a one of a kind experience, it gave off a huge rattle and gave me a headache. If I could give off one sentence to sum it up, it would be “even though it one of my top 5 coasters and really enjoyed it, I would rather not ride it again”

  • lyd lydian
    lyd lydian 6 months ago

    First Drop Fun Intensity Rattle

    That first drop will forever be etched and live rent-free in my mind, it is completely out of this world to go down facing the ground, and last minute perform such a quick rotation. This thing feels unreal in the best way possible. Not to mention the fly-to-lies both of which are incredibly disorienting and remarkably fun! The ride definitely loses steam a bit on the turnaround, but it doesn't detract from the ride for me, and neither does the bounciness of the seats and rotation, it wasn't discomfortable in any way, inner or outer seat, as far as I remember.

  • Marko Tsang
    Marko Tsang 6 months ago

    First Drop Fun Intensity Too short Theming Reliability

    I have ridden X2 two times, both in the front inside seat. It was not a rough experience (though as I said, sat in the front inside seat). The first drop is probably the best I have experienced out of my 21 credits. It is just a purely insane ride experience that is the only one-of-its-kind in the Western Hemisphere. The reliability is garbage, as said by many others. The music and fireball effects have not been operating during both of the times I visited SFMM. The duration of the ride is a little short, but overall, the ride is #1 of 21 in my credit rankings.

  • Jake B.
    Jake B. 6 months ago

    First Drop Inversions Intensity Discomfort

    It was insane! It is not for everybody as some people might find it hurting your shins, but if you look past that, it’s the craziest most extreme experience you will ever have! It’s very disorienting and it is a sensory overload! Highly recommend.

  • Connor Conant
    Connor Conant 7 months ago

    First Drop Location Intensity Discomfort

    I made the mistake of choosing an outside seat once. Rest assured that that won't happen again. On the inside? Absolutely insane. That raven turn at the end was phenomenal, and that first drop is absolutely absurd.

  • Camden McFarland
    Camden McFarland 8 months ago

    First Drop Fun Intensity Headbanging Discomfort

    Although I haven't been on many coasters, 29 to be exact. X2 is my number one! The intensity is unreal and the first drop is something unlike anything I've ever experienced. The only thing bad about this masterpiece is the roughness, this thing is ROUGH, but that doesn't take away from the experience too much. Overall, an outstanding coaster

  • Coaster Nut
    Coaster Nut 8 months ago

    First Drop Intensity Layout Headbanging

    THE best first drop of 350 coasters I've ridden. NO contest. My first ride in the morning was perfection -- smooth and intense and crazy. The layout is great with just the right amount of spinning in just the right places. I thought, "This is AWESOME! Is this my new #1?" But my next 3 rides were in the afternoon heat when the train ran faster, and each ride brought fairly painful headbangs and calf bangs. This may be the only coaster I prefer when it's running slower. It's still a top 25 coaster for me. It would be in my top 5 if it didn't smack my head and calves later in the day.

  • Jamie N.
    Jamie N. 8 months ago

    First Drop Intensity Discomfort

    X2 is really intense, and really fun. The flipping aspect really adds a lot, and even though it is pretty short, I enjoyed every second. The roughness can be a deal breaker for others, but I didn’t mind it too much. Especially with that amazing first drop.

  • Brendan K.
    Brendan K. 9 months ago

    Nice surprise! Fun Intensity

    personally, this is my favorite ride at SFMM. sometimes people say that it's rough, but I have never had a bad ride on X2. (that's just me tho)

  • Leonardo S.
    Leonardo S. 9 months ago

    First Drop Masterpiece Intensity

    Before you start the ride, in the queue it says ‘Are you type A, or type X’ and I am type X for X2 (that’s a good thing)! This ride is the most intense, crazy, thrilling ride I’ve ever done, and probably in the world! If you want to fully understand this ride, go to Six Flags Magic Mountain (great park btw) and ride it! 10/10 ride!

  • Marshall Bradley
    Marshall Bradley 9 months ago

    First Drop Masterpiece Intensity Rattle

    No where near as uncomfortable or dizzying as I feared. The design of this ride is just brilliant. First drop is absolute insanity, so is much of the rest of the layout. It does have something that could be described as "rattle", but is feels more like being rocked back and forth by the ride, in a way only a ride like X2 could accomplish. You don't really notice it outside of the non-intense moments though, so it didn't really affect my enjoyment. I was also sitting on the outside seat, which supposedly the less comfortable of the two. My favourite coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

  • Logan O.
    Logan O. 11 months ago

    First Drop Nice surprise! Intensity Too short Capacity Harness

    Despite the Jerkiness, Short Duration, and Strange Harness, this is by far the best ride I've ever been in. The extreme intensity and forces pulled on this ride is insane, and throughout the entire ride I had no idea what was happening and it felt like I was travelling through space time, which all makes up for the cons of this ride.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 1 year ago

    First Drop Masterpiece Intensity Too short Dead spots

    I can't think of a ride that scared me more than this. Maybe Falcon's Fury or waiting on the launch track for TTD or MaxxForce, but the long, long climb gave me much longer to think about my ride than either of those 3. Does it have issues? Oh, so many. It's bumpy as all hell, some of the elements give you whiplash, but the first drop, raven turn, backflip hill, and fire element are all incredible. The second turnaround is a bit boring and the elements are so big it doesn't feel like there's that many, but almost each one hits like a truck. Nothing like this ride in the US, a truly world class attraction. I prefer it over much more well-rounded rides, it's my favorite in the park by far and one of my favorites of all time.

  • Natasha Evans
    Natasha Evans 1 year ago

    First Drop Intensity Discomfort

    When I rode this for the first time, I thought I was falling to my death on the first drop. However, it's gotten a bit rough over the years. Not as bad as Viper, though.

  • Ryan McDonough
    Ryan McDonough 1 year ago

    First Drop Pace Intensity Theming Discomfort

    I rode this one opening week and it just makes me sad to see the music and the flamethrower not operating. For a walk on ride, we still waited upwards of 5minutes for dispatch. Definitely short staffed. I had a smooth experience but my friend got bruises from the harness.

  • Emily Cardillo I love you

    Fun Masterpiece Intensity Rattle Discomfort

    It’s fun and intense

  • Josh R.
    Josh R. 1 year ago

    First Drop Inversions Rattle

    Last turn is definitely hard to brace for in most rows, but the rest of the ride is highly enjoyable. That first drop never gets old to me, even as I do it about once a week. 100% a trump card most parks can't respond to.

  • Flurin S.
    Flurin S. 1 year ago

    Inversions Intensity Rattle Discomfort Dead spots

    Not too sure about this one. What I am sure about though is that the seat rotation is NOT smooth at all and that this ride is criminally overrated. Its not as bad as the Zach Spins but it isnt good either with plenty of leg banging and some intensity but also dead spots. Mid tier ride for me

  • Josh Miller
    Josh Miller 1 year ago

    First Drop Intensity Rattle

    Insanely intense ride with one of the greatest first drops ever. Final raven turn will shake you up a bit, if you are sensitive to roughness, would recommend riding the inside seat, as it is smoother than the outside seat.

  • ZTS squish
    ZTS squish 1 year ago

    First Drop Intensity Layout Headbanging Harness Discomfort

    Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love this ride with it’s intense raven turn and that insane face down drop. However, I can never get over how on the outside seats how my head keeps on slamming and those restraints make me hurt after. I love this rides layout though and was a great concept (eejianiaka does it better)

  • Heiko Hartmann
    Heiko Hartmann 1 year ago

    First Drop Rattle Headbanging Capacity

    Unbelievable bad capacity lead to 120 minutes wait times, rattly ride (especially on the outside seats), horrible head- and footbanging. Not sure why this ride is the only one which needs a locker in SFMM. The first drop is great though, but overall the ride is not that intense (but uncomfortable). Arrow seemed to have a problem stopping the seats from wildly swinging around, which caused the worst headbanging I ever had on any of the 900+ coasters I have ridden so far. I consider this a failed concept.

  • Ivan M.
    Ivan M. 1 year ago

    First Drop Nice surprise! Intensity Harness Discomfort

    If the seats rotated smoothly this would be a 10/10 coaster. The first drop is insane, the backflip comes as a great surprise, the way that the seat rotations interact with the inversions is simply genius, and the whole experience just shows you how ballsy company officials were when they greenlit this. It's a shame this ride bankrupted Arrow and was such a pain to get running but I'm just so happy that this ride, flawed as it is, exists. The fire is a nice touch, as well.

  • Ryan Hanna
    Ryan Hanna 1 year ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Layout Capacity Discomfort

    This ride is insane! One of the most intense roller coasters you will ever experience. The intensity makes this ride great and if you are looking for intense roller coasters this one is for you. The spinning seats puts the coaster on a whole different level. But, it is pretty rough at times. The raven turn at the end is brutal. If you sit on a seat closer to the track, your ride will be much smoother, but you will lose some intensity. The back outside seat is the most intense seat by far, but you will be thrashed around more. This ride has a limited capacity and the line takes forever, recommend riding on a Monday or Tuesday. Does break down occasionally.

  • Ryan Brewer
    Ryan Brewer 1 year ago

    First Drop Fun Intensity Rattle Discomfort

    Two rides on 2022-03-27 - morning ride was my first ever, absolutely blew me away. The intensity, the unpredictability, the way it throws you around. I've never experienced anything like it. My afternoon ride was still super fun, but had some very rough times toward the end, where my legs were bouncing up and down. If it was my head bouncing like that, I'd have received whiplash and/or a concussion.

  • Kellen Grady
    Kellen Grady 1 year ago

    First Drop Intensity Discomfort

    1/14/22 This ride is absolutely insane, but I found it a little overrated. Maybe I need to ride it in the back rather than the front, but it didn't seem as exciting to me as when I first rode it. Mostly just disorienting. I have a membership now, so I will definitely be riding it again soon, and I'll update this review then! 1/30/22 Rode again with a full train at sunset in the back, and holy fuck what an insane ride. The speakers were going this time as well, though unfortunately the flamethrowers were not on. I wish this ride was just a little smoother, it's age is definitely felt with some of the rocking that the seats do.

  • Logan Barer
    Logan Barer 2 years ago

    First Drop Intensity Intensity

    This ride is incredibly intense, easily the most intense coaster I’ve been on. I loved it, but if you’re someone who is still getting into coasters, hold off on this one for now. It’s awesome and tons of fun, but you need to work up to it.

  • TheKidReviews
    TheKidReviews 2 years ago

    Fun Intensity

    Wow! I just got a night ride on X2 and it was really dang good.

  • Daksh Gahlot
    Daksh Gahlot 2 years ago

    Intensity Disappointing! Discomfort

    wtf is this lol!!! So crazy. I'd advise to get rerides cuz the first time you're like what's going on. Also, only coaster I have ever been "scared" on

  • Ty Paylez
    Ty Paylez 2 years ago

    First Drop Nice surprise! Intensity

    - [x] X2 back left out side seat. This was my first ride of the morning and it had no wait at all. Walked out and sat down thinking I was in the front but had no clue you sit backwards! What an intense experience with that first drop. Multiple times I was very close to graying out. Was expecting it to be more rough which it had some spots but honestly with its elements and intensity all things considered it wasn’t an uncomfortable level of rough at all. Very happy to have gotten on this ride because it was the most different of all the rides there and I’ve never been on anything like this before. Fun exciting ride! 4/5 maybe 5/5 if you don’t mind true intensity!

  • John Montague
    John Montague 2 years ago

    First Drop Nice surprise! Intensity

    I honestly haven’t experienced fear on a roller coaster in decades. I can ride the tallest and fastest coasters with only fun in mind. I really thought I’d aged out of being afraid on a roller coaster. I wasn’t afraid on X-2 either, until the first drop, and then it was sheer terror for the rest of the ride, and I loved every second of it. It is by far the most intense coaster I’ve ever ridden. I also love the location in the park. X-2 mostly hides out at Magic Mountain, and I really couldn’t see much of it until I was riding it. This is my new favorite coaster, mostly because it managed to genuinely scare me, something a coaster hasn’t done to me in a loooooong time.

  • Karst
    Karst 2 years ago

    Fun Intensity Layout

    This coaster is stupid in all kinds of ways. Who thought of this and why do I love it so friggin much? Definitely one of my favs of the park! This unique ride is a must ride. If you don't get the chance to go to Japan (which I haven't yet) but do go by LA. You really need to go to Magic Mountain, if not for the amazing lineup of coasters they already have, then go for this unique experience.

  • Jack Jack J.
    Jack Jack J. 2 years ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Layout

    What a twisted masterpiece this is. Absolutely unreal that this ride exists. The first drop is nuts. Being dropped face down from 200 feet is an amazing experience. The Immelmann is ridiculous. At the top you get insane airtime the whole way down. The little hill where you flip gives good positives and the turn around is a janky fun moment. The next inversion flips you so you get laterals and positives and then the Raven turn gives amazing positives the whole way. The ride is fantastic. Such a different ride from anything else I’ve ever done and I love it. Is it super comfortable? No. Is it the smoothest? No. But I still love it. It’s janky arrow fun turned up to 100. Amazing coaster and I’m glad I made it my 300.

  • Jeffrey E.
    Jeffrey E. 2 years ago

    Inversions Masterpiece Intensity Headbanging Discomfort Airtimes

    Some people love it and some hate it and I love it. There is almost no grey area. For me it is the best Ride in Magic Mountain. I think this Coaster has clear weaknesses and strengths. When you can overlook the weaknesses, you will have an incredible ride. by the way. Back row inner Seat: this is where the magic happens

  • Ben Redshire
    Ben Redshire 2 years ago

    I've only ridden it in the front row so I haven't experienced it at its peak intensity, but I've also avoided its peak roughness. Despite this it's still incredible, unique, and incredibly intense. I need to ride it in the back, and I have no doubt that when I do it will go up to 5 stars.

  • Intamin Fanboy
    Intamin Fanboy 2 years ago

    First Drop Rattle


  • David N.
    David N. 2 years ago

    First Drop Masterpiece Intensity


  • Erik C.
    Erik C. 3 years ago

    Fun Masterpiece Intensity Rattle Discomfort

    My first ride on X2 back in 2012 blew me away. The first drop is unparalleled, the inversions are crazy, and there are several very intense moments at the bottom of the elements. This ride has some mixed reviews, and even I didn't like it so much in the past, as it can be very rough depending on where you sit. From my experience, I have found that you can have more comfortable rides if you sit in the front row (that which leaves the station first), as it rattles less than other rows. In contrast, the back row has more shakiness but it is the most intense ride you will get, especially on the raven turns. I would only rank X2 third in the park, but it still deserves to be appreciated as a revolutionary coaster with forces and feelings you can't get on any other model.

  • Joel Simon
    Joel Simon 3 years ago

    First Drop Masterpiece Intensity

    Even though many wouldn't agree with me, I think this ride was ahead of its time and an engineering masterpiece. The ride anticipates as you climb up the lift hill backwards not knowing when it goes down, in the background you hear Enter Sandman - Metallica. Then suddenly you arrive on top and the seats rotate so you face the ground as you drop down. The vertical controlled rotation of the seats was amazing, also on one spot flames come out. It has nice intense inversions, not rattly or uncomfortable. One of the most amazing coaster experiences I ever had! Thrill: 4.75/5

  • Kommi
    Kommi 3 years ago

    First Drop Masterpiece Intensity Discomfort

    This isn't the smoothest coaster out there, but that adds to this ride's overall intensity. The ascent is probably one of the greatest of all time with the view of the park and Enter Sandman playing (when it works that is), the first drop is also one of the most spine-tingling out there facing straight down two hundred and sixteen feet. The bottom of the first drop and raven turn are sure to provide you with high G-forces and I'm pretty sure I blacked out everytime on the bottom of the raven turn drop.

  • David Piepmeyer
    David Piepmeyer 3 years ago

    First Drop Inversions Intensity Headbanging Harness Discomfort

    If you love an out of control crazy ride, you’ll love X2. However depending on where you sit. It can be rough

  • Element 115
    Element 115 3 years ago

    First Drop Nice surprise! Intensity Headbanging Discomfort

    Just fucking... SILLY completely batshit insane violent otherworldy experience, drop whip on the back row is filthy, it tries to cook you with fire, blasts rock music into your ears and gives a spectacular overview of the park from the lifthill. getting unenjoyably rough is some places now.

  • Nyargleblargle
    Nyargleblargle 3 years ago

    First Drop Intensity Discomfort Dead spots

    Very weird but very fun. Had to ride it twice to figure out what was going on.

  • Nathan F
    Nathan F 3 years ago

    First Drop Intensity Layout Discomfort

    X2 is extremely aggressive. The inversions are aggressive. The train's spin is aggressive. The first drop is aggressive. It is an absolute beast. The spin is a little clunky and uncomfortable, but it's easy to overlook that because everything about this ride is absolutely outstanding!

  • Upbeat Coasters
    Upbeat Coasters 4 years ago

    First Drop Theming Masterpiece Too short

    This ride is a work of art. It was fun and extremely intense, just a bit too short in my opinion.

  • Dave Scott
    Dave Scott 4 years ago

    Fun Masterpiece Intensity Discomfort

    Arrow dynamics swansong, and a flawed masterpiece. This isn't a rollercoaster, it's an experience that happens to be a rollercoaster. If it didn't have the un-necessary wobble and calf-slapping trains it'd be perfection.

  • Evangelion Martini

    First Drop Masterpiece Intensity

    The last gift that Arrow gave us before moving beyond this mortal plane; believe the hype.

  • Annie Bauer
    Annie Bauer 4 years ago

    Theming Layout Discomfort Intensity

    It was scary, but I still liked it. X2 is the scariest roller coaster I went on. I would go on it again.

  • Matthew Richter
    Matthew Richter 4 years ago

    First Drop Fun Smoothness Too short Dead spots

    X2 is unique. I had myself hyped up, but it was not that intense. Very fun and smooth, but wish they did more with the layout and elements. Overrated, but it's still a must to experience.

  • Jake Williams
    Jake Williams 6 years ago

    First Drop Inversions Intensity Discomfort

    What an insane ride. The queue just gets you pumped as the music and the 'X2... X2..." plays. Hopefully, you selected inside seat, and get ready for your ride! And after the metal music on the lifthill comes the greatest drop in the world as you fall 200 feet vertically, spinning all the way. The raven turn is cool as we soar across, looking at the line of cars waiting to get in. This funky bit called the "fly to die" element or something is neat where you dont invert but kinda just get hangtime and this weird feeling as you go over it. After that the ride is pretty much over and you've witnessed one of the best in the world. Don't listen to Coaster Studios when he gives it a 5/10. This an insane ride if you're riding inside seat. If you're riding outside it's more like a 4/5. X2 is just insane and you really need to check it out.

  • Adam Karas
    Adam Karas 6 years ago

    First Drop Inversions Rattle Headbanging Discomfort


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    Intensity Headbanging Discomfort

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    First Drop Intensity

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    First Drop Masterpiece Intensity Rattle Headbanging Discomfort

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    First Drop Intensity

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    First Drop Masterpiece Intensity Rattle Capacity Reliability

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    First Drop Location Intensity Discomfort

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    Inversions Nice surprise! Intensity Too short Capacity

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    Inversions Masterpiece Layout

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    Edward Bonks 6 months ago
  • Max K.
    Max K. 6 months ago
  • Wyatt G
    Wyatt G 6 months ago
  • Michael B.
    Michael B. 6 months ago
  • Brett Schock
    Brett Schock 6 months ago
  • Matt S
    Matt S 7 months ago
  • Nathan Riches
    Nathan Riches 7 months ago
  • Maxime R.
    Maxime R. 7 months ago


  • Gale M.
    Gale M. 7 months ago
  • Daniel W.
    Daniel W. 7 months ago
  • David Ribi
    David Ribi 7 months ago
  • mpcoasters
    mpcoasters 7 months ago
  • Rita M
    Rita M 7 months ago
  • Shane B.
    Shane B. 7 months ago
  • Matt Kaser
    Matt Kaser 7 months ago
  • Connor M.
    Connor M. 8 months ago
  • rhett l.
    rhett l. 8 months ago
  • Colton Eberley
    Colton Eberley 8 months ago
  • Nathan Perry
    Nathan Perry 8 months ago
  • Fury Dragster
    Fury Dragster 8 months ago
  • Ryan Wilcox
    Ryan Wilcox 9 months ago
  • Michael Matta
    Michael Matta 10 months ago
  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin 10 months ago
  • DippinDotsGuy
    DippinDotsGuy 10 months ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Layout Discomfort

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith 11 months ago
  • Tera Žáková
    Tera Žáková 11 months ago
  • Adam G
    Adam G 11 months ago
  • Peter Walton
    Peter Walton 11 months ago
  • Jacob Q.
    Jacob Q. 11 months ago
  • Holden M.
    Holden M. 11 months ago
  • Kevin K.
    Kevin K. 11 months ago
  • Sam M.
    Sam M. 1 year ago
  • Eduardo Vega
    Eduardo Vega 1 year ago
  • Extremerides YT
  • Sarah Brown
    Sarah Brown 1 year ago
  • Bemil Bombe
    Bemil Bombe 1 year ago
  • Adrien Desmoru
    Adrien Desmoru 1 year ago
  • Unworthy Rider
    Unworthy Rider 1 year ago
  • Kelley M
    Kelley M 1 year ago
  • Trey Tappan
    Trey Tappan 1 year ago
  • Sean Greshock
    Sean Greshock 1 year ago

    First Drop Inversions Fun Discomfort

  • Sam S.
    Sam S. 1 year ago
  • Matthew d.
    Matthew d. 1 year ago
  • Stefan De
    Stefan De 1 year ago
  • Remi C.
    Remi C. 1 year ago

    First Drop Pace Intensity Headbanging Disappointing!

  • Arnau Martinez
    Arnau Martinez 1 year ago
  • JB T
    JB T 1 year ago
  • Mickael Messaid
  • Sam E.
    Sam E. 1 year ago
  • Yuuki Takemoto
    Yuuki Takemoto 1 year ago
  • Marcus Gear
    Marcus Gear 1 year ago
  • Adam Tortorello
  • Nick Allen
    Nick Allen 1 year ago
  • Stephen B.
    Stephen B. 1 year ago
  • Alexandre CF
    Alexandre CF 1 year ago

    First Drop Masterpiece Intensity Too short Discomfort

  • Graeme M.
    Graeme M. 1 year ago
  • Lewis Smith
    Lewis Smith 1 year ago
  • Adrenaline Rush

    First Drop Disappointing! Discomfort Reliability

  • Derrick Brown
    Derrick Brown 1 year ago
  • Arnand S.
    Arnand S. 1 year ago
  • Zach Benton
    Zach Benton 1 year ago
  • Nick Ostlund
    Nick Ostlund 1 year ago
  • Waka La
    Waka La 1 year ago
  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 1 year ago
  • Ben P.
    Ben P. 1 year ago
  • Sir Meow Meow
    Sir Meow Meow 1 year ago
  • Dan P.
    Dan P. 1 year ago
  • Lisa Cochenour
    Lisa Cochenour 1 year ago
  • Wojciech F.
    Wojciech F. 1 year ago

    Intensity Rattle

  • Julien Vaucher
    Julien Vaucher 1 year ago
  • Matthew Kaser
    Matthew Kaser 1 year ago
  • Kyle Donovan
    Kyle Donovan 1 year ago
  • Matthew Potter
    Matthew Potter 1 year ago
  • RoRo Blox
    RoRo Blox 1 year ago
  • Natalie K.
    Natalie K. 1 year ago
  • Zak Farren
    Zak Farren 1 year ago
  • Zach R
    Zach R 1 year ago
  • William H.
    William H. 1 year ago
  • J S.
    J S. 1 year ago
  • Tristen Blatt
    Tristen Blatt 1 year ago
  • Florian Maier
    Florian Maier 1 year ago

    Intensity Rattle Headbanging Discomfort

  • Bruno D.
    Bruno D. 1 year ago
  • Fox Run
    Fox Run 1 year ago

    First Drop Disappointing!

  • Maxwell B.
    Maxwell B. 1 year ago
  • Colleen Andreola
  • Extaa
    Extaa 1 year ago

    Nice surprise! Masterpiece Intensity Reliability

  • Howard Marron
    Howard Marron 1 year ago
  • Cyril B.
    Cyril B. 1 year ago
  • James Taylor
    James Taylor 1 year ago
  • Jorn van den Hout
  • Brian Frederiksen
  • Alexandre Humbert

    First Drop Fun Reliability

  • Pidge L.
    Pidge L. 1 year ago
  • Coach Rolo
    Coach Rolo 1 year ago
  • Disney time
    Disney time 1 year ago
  • Anthony Bour
    Anthony Bour 1 year ago
  • Trent Kaiser
    Trent Kaiser 1 year ago
  • Sean Elkins
    Sean Elkins 1 year ago
  • Oran K.
    Oran K. 1 year ago
  • Michaël Schweitzer
  • Andrew Triece
    Andrew Triece 1 year ago
  • Rags Aki
    Rags Aki 1 year ago
  • Dennis P.
    Dennis P. 2 years ago
  • Anakin Delle Origini
  • Tilen B.
    Tilen B. 2 years ago
  • Gabriel G.
    Gabriel G. 2 years ago
  • Cameron Smith
    Cameron Smith 2 years ago
  • Jason King
    Jason King 2 years ago
  • Jxrdan L
    Jxrdan L 2 years ago
  • Jurjen V.
    Jurjen V. 2 years ago
  • Corentin L.
    Corentin L. 2 years ago
  • Valentin D.
    Valentin D. 2 years ago
  • Sean S.
    Sean S. 2 years ago
  • Owen Rohm
    Owen Rohm 2 years ago
  • Tom G.
    Tom G. 2 years ago
  • Ryan Hubanks
    Ryan Hubanks 2 years ago
  • Coaster Delta
    Coaster Delta 2 years ago
  • SortaKindaQuasi
    SortaKindaQuasi 2 years ago
  • Jace Ma
    Jace Ma 2 years ago
  • Jérôme F.
    Jérôme F. 2 years ago
  • Steven Mottaz
    Steven Mottaz 2 years ago

    Fun Masterpiece Intensity Capacity Harness

  • Ruoning L.
    Ruoning L. 2 years ago

    Intensity Discomfort

  • Ky
    Ky 2 years ago
  • Delphine Dumortier

    Theming Capacity Discomfort Intensity

  • Sean
    Sean 2 years ago

    First Drop Masterpiece Intensity Rattle Headbanging Reliability

  • Steel Thrills
    Steel Thrills 2 years ago

    First Drop Location Intensity Rattle Harness Disappointing!

  • Braxton B.
    Braxton B. 2 years ago
  • Lukedaballer
    Lukedaballer 2 years ago
  • Damien R.
    Damien R. 2 years ago

    Headbanging Disappointing! Discomfort

  • Edward M
    Edward M 2 years ago

    First Drop Masterpiece Intensity Dead spots

  • Romain G.
    Romain G. 2 years ago
  • Charly Cosy
    Charly Cosy 2 years ago
  • Juju mignon
    Juju mignon 2 years ago
  • Anthony A.
    Anthony A. 2 years ago
  • Mr Windshield
    Mr Windshield 2 years ago
  • Andrew E.
    Andrew E. 2 years ago

    First Drop Masterpiece Intensity Too short

  • Michael F
    Michael F 3 years ago
  • James Brown
    James Brown 3 years ago
  • Heartline Coaster
  • trj820
    trj820 3 years ago
  • Logan L.
    Logan L. 3 years ago
  • 倫理.
    倫理. 3 years ago
  • 一ノ瀬和貴
    一ノ瀬和貴 3 years ago
  • A.j. Hummel
    A.j. Hummel 3 years ago
  • Luka Psyduck
    Luka Psyduck 3 years ago
  • Ashton H.
    Ashton H. 3 years ago
  • twigy _22
    twigy _22 3 years ago
  • Klaus Quinonez
    Klaus Quinonez 3 years ago

    First Drop Intensity Layout Headbanging Discomfort

  • Coaster Hour
    Coaster Hour 3 years ago
  • J Terry TV
    J Terry TV 3 years ago
  • Ryan S.
    Ryan S. 3 years ago
  • Samuel c.
    Samuel c. 3 years ago
  • Coaster_TYSTYS
    Coaster_TYSTYS 3 years ago
  • Scott Spark
    Scott Spark 3 years ago
  • john schmude
    john schmude 3 years ago

    First Drop Fun Masterpiece Rattle

  • Luca Boucher
    Luca Boucher 3 years ago

    Inversions Intensity Discomfort

  • matthew p.
    matthew p. 4 years ago
  • Griffin Eldred
    Griffin Eldred 4 years ago
  • Jordan H.
    Jordan H. 4 years ago
  • J
    J 4 years ago
  • Nicolas L.
    Nicolas L. 4 years ago
  • Wang Tony
    Wang Tony 4 years ago
  • Jimmy P.
    Jimmy P. 4 years ago
  • Warren D.
    Warren D. 4 years ago
  • Michael W.
    Michael W. 4 years ago
  • Jacob Selleck
    Jacob Selleck 4 years ago
  • Andre Brown
    Andre Brown 4 years ago
  • Jason Leslie Wright
  • 手取Fishland
    手取Fishland 4 years ago

    First Drop Masterpiece Intensity

  • Jeremy C.
    Jeremy C. 4 years ago
  • Tristen Blatt
    Tristen Blatt 4 years ago
  • Maxime Alix
    Maxime Alix 4 years ago
  • Sam Dbart
    Sam Dbart 4 years ago
  • Sam Gagné
    Sam Gagné 4 years ago

    First Drop Intensity Rattle Headbanging Discomfort

  • ttn846
    ttn846 4 years ago
  • james
    james 4 years ago
  • Steve N.
    Steve N. 4 years ago
  • Manuel G.
    Manuel G. 4 years ago
  • Julien Simon
    Julien Simon 4 years ago
  • Andrew Lepire
    Andrew Lepire 4 years ago
  • Rickie and Jacqueline Robbins
  • olivier kapoun
    olivier kapoun 4 years ago
  • Thibaut Estanguet
  • Xabi L.
    Xabi L. 4 years ago
  • 直哉 川島
    直哉 川島 4 years ago
  • Chris Cronrath
    Chris Cronrath 4 years ago
  • Jérémy Condaminet

    First Drop Headbanging Capacity Disappointing!

  • Chris C.
    Chris C. 4 years ago
  • James Cook
    James Cook 4 years ago
  • chase s.
    chase s. 4 years ago
  • Thibault M.
    Thibault M. 4 years ago
  • jb1199
    jb1199 4 years ago
  • Kyle B.
    Kyle B. 5 years ago

    First Drop Pace Intensity

  • Philippe-Minh N.
    Philippe-Minh N. 5 years ago

    First Drop Masterpiece Intensity Rattle Discomfort

  • Maxime Huguel
    Maxime Huguel 5 years ago

    Fun Layout Rattle Discomfort

  • Timothée Pons
    Timothée Pons 5 years ago

    Rattle Disappointing! Discomfort

  • Daniel W.
    Daniel W. 5 years ago
  • Dan Pianini
    Dan Pianini 5 years ago

    Fun Intensity Layout Headbanging Discomfort

  • tbarnesarc
    tbarnesarc 5 years ago
  • Scott Pecqueux
    Scott Pecqueux 5 years ago
  • iac17
    iac17 5 years ago
  • Arnaud Boussu
    Arnaud Boussu 5 years ago

    Nice surprise! Masterpiece Harness

  • Sven P.
    Sven P. 5 years ago
  • Johnny Hooyberghs
  • Manu L.
    Manu L. 5 years ago
  • Damien R.
    Damien R. 5 years ago

    Fun Intensity Duration Headbanging

  • Joseph Bricout
    Joseph Bricout 5 years ago
  • Katun GagaLefou
    Katun GagaLefou 5 years ago

    Nice surprise! Masterpiece Discomfort

  • Benjamin R.
    Benjamin R. 5 years ago

    Nice surprise! Pace Capacity Discomfort

  • Florian Blond
    Florian Blond 5 years ago

    First Drop Headbanging Harness Discomfort

  • Usa tibo
    Usa tibo 5 years ago
  • damientravel
    damientravel 5 years ago

    Nice surprise! Capacity Harness Discomfort

  • Victor Humbert
    Victor Humbert 5 years ago
  • Brice Préfix P.
    Brice Préfix P. 5 years ago

    Fun Intensity Layout Headbanging Discomfort

  • Romain LABAT
    Romain LABAT 5 years ago
  • Cyril Barbier
    Cyril Barbier 6 years ago
  • Mehdi Valentin
    Mehdi Valentin 6 years ago

    Nice surprise! Masterpiece Intensity Rattle Capacity Harness

  • Julien A.
    Julien A. 6 years ago

    First Drop Disappointing!

  • Dan Hood
    Dan Hood 6 years ago
  • Frédéric Beck
    Frédéric Beck 6 years ago

    Nice surprise! Fun Capacity

  • Paul Casalis
    Paul Casalis 6 years ago

    First Drop Intensity Rattle Too short

  • Joris B.
    Joris B. 6 years ago
  • Sebastian L.
    Sebastian L. 6 years ago
  • Etienne Sainton
    Etienne Sainton 6 years ago